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Strategic Communications

Discussing Iranian Naval Ships – A Threat to U.S.?

Discussing Iranian Naval Ships – A Threat to U.S.?

Iran has announced it will send warships to U.S. waters. Is this ...
Voice of Pentagon on 9/11

Voice of Pentagon on 9/11

Served as Pentagon operations briefer before the international press following the attacks ...
Contributor at Fox News

Contributor at Fox News

Providing insights on key national security news stories such as the National ...
Teacher of Messaging

Teacher of Messaging

Leading workshops on how to navigate the journalism process and develop and ...


“Compelling professional speaker and consultant.  Delivers cogent and succinct points highlighting key leadership and crisis management tenants.  He delivers more than information, he delivers solutions.”

– Ron Route, Senior VP Burdeshaw Associates LTD, Maritime Sector, Bethesda, MD

“John is an exceptional crisis management/communications expert and consultant.  He ably bridges our needs with that of our clients providing valuable feedback and insights on highly technical and visible major programs.  He is value added for our corporation.”

– D. John Wildfong, VP Aviation Systems, Lockheed Martin Corp., Arlington, VA

“Consummate authority on speaking about leadership issues and crisis management.  Has been there and done it himself and speaks about it in a compelling way.  Should be required material for every CEO.”

– Eric Johnson, Chairman & CEO Adara Networks, San Jose, CA

“Delivered effective keynote address to National Football League Players Association annual board meeting to rave reviews. Superb professional speaker delivering to the point and practical lessons on leadership for issues affecting professional football players facing labor issues with owners.”

– Don Davis, National Football League Players Association, Player Advocate, Washington, DC

“John is an eloquent speaker with vast experience in leadership, crisis management, and media engagement.  He has not only dealt with it first hand in leadership positions but also teaches it to international audiences.  His presentations prepare executives for the inevitable challenges they face that help shape opportunities for success.  He is a thought leader, motivational professional speaker, and effective media training teacher in delivering important lessons for executives.”


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– Stuart McNish, President and Owner, Oh Boy Productions & On Message Media, Vancouver, BC

“John is uniquely qualified in media training, crisis management, and as a professional speaker due to his extensive background and experience. He offers insights and practical solutions based on first hand expertise others miss in the theoretical or academic. He comes with a reputation of high achievement and credibility when he speaks. John is a professional worth listening to.”

– Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots

“I want to be on the record…because of my high regard for Admiral Stufflebeem…a hard worker and, all in all, a good man…a man of integrity”

– George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States

“He was smart and showed great insight in addressing the challenges before us…he brought clarity and innovation to our discussions.”

– General Richard B. Myers, US Air Force (retired), former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“Performance exemplary in every respect…was the voice of reason to the many national and international missions assigned.”

– General James L. Jones, USMC (retired), former Commandant, US Marines Corp, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe and National Security Advisor, the White House

“Impeccable example in professional performance, self-discipline, and incomparable execution.”

– Admiral Michael G. Mullen, US Navy, former Chief of Naval Operations and current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“One of the best officers I have had the opportunity to serve…thoughtful but decisive.”

– Matthew C. Dolan, Esquire, Ethics counselor

“He is the finest executive I have ever met in a leadership position from my military years, my years in business and running a major corporation, or years in the service of the State Department.”

– Ambassador Alfred Hoffman, Jr, former US Ambassador and Florida businessman